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Course Title
MTPE Basics and Best Practices
Target Audience

Course Duration

  • 1.5 hours self-paced

Course Certificate

The learner will be awarded a certificate of completion, after successfully completing ALL quizzes with a pass grade.

Course Terminal Objective
By the end of this course, the learner will be able to utilize his/her linguistic and MTPE skills to complete various MTPE tasks. 

Course Intro




Course Overview
This course is a journey into the Machine Translation (MT) world, that is rapidly affecting the translation market. During this journey, the learner will delve into how MT works and the history of MT engines. The learner will be equipped with all the necessary skills, along with tips and tricks, to know how to evaluate and post-edit MT output. It consists of four modules. Each module contains one or more than one quiz. All course quizzes are specially designed for this course, and not language-specific. 

Course Outline

Course Design
In this course, we follow ADDIE's model. Thus, we
  • Analysed market needs for post-editors, in addition to the available MTPE courses. It complies with ISO Standard 18587 for  MTPE. 
  • Designed the course using the ROPES model to ensure maximum benefit for our learners and help them to encode MTPE skills into their long-term memory. Thus, they can make use of these skills even after a long period of training. 
  • Developed the course using a variety of illustrative methods and quizzes, in addition to bite-sized awards for each completed module. 
  • Implemented the course to be self-paced, to ensure that our learners are freed from time and place limitations. 
  • Evaluated the course and its impact on learners' skills before publishing it. 


Course Fees
$60 $15  for a limited time

For Enrolment and Payment Methods
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