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Course Title
Essentials of Using Transparent TMS in Project Management

Target Audience
Project managers

Course Duration
  • 30 minutes self-paced
  • One quiz

Course Certificate
The learner will be awarded a certificate of completion, after successfully completing 
ALL quizzes with a pass grade.

Course Terminal Objective
By the end of this course, the learner will be able to utilize Transparent TMS functions in creating, managing projects and assigning translators. 

Course Overview
This course tackles the steps of creating a project along with the needed functions for a project manager to
 create projects, manage and follow up with their assignee according to the task types provided with all phases needed.

Course Outline
Through a tutorial followed by a quiz, the learner will be able to:

-        Create a project

-        Connect translation memories and termbases

-        Define workflow phases

-        Create tasks

-        Assign translators and reviewers

-        Tips and tricks

-        Generate the files and analysis reports

Course Fees
$60 $15 for a limited time.

For Enrolment and Payment Methods
Send an email with the course's full name and your name to