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Course Title
Essentials of Using TWS and LTB in Translation 

Target Audience
Translators and reviewers

Course Duration
  • 30 minutes self-paced
  • 2 quizzes

Course Certificate
The learner will be awarded a certificate of completion, after successfully completing 
ALL quizzes with a pass grade.

Course Terminal Objective
By the end of this course, the learner will be able to utilize TWS & LTB
 functions in translation, reviewing, and running QA.

Course Overview
This course delves deep in TWS & LTB
 and the needed functions the translator needs to start working using it.

Course Outline
Through a set of  tutorials followed by quizzes, the learner will be able to:

-        Utilize TWS functions in translation

-        Connect a TM

-        Analyze a file

-        Submit the translation

-        Run QA using LTB

-        Export a QA report

Course Fees
$60 $15 for a limited time.

For Enrolment and Payment Methods
Send an email with the course's full name and your name to