About us

Transparent Campus is a learning community developed by Transparent. It is developed to help bridge the gap between theory and practice in the localization industry.  It contains self-paced online courses, webinars, and interactive forums. All courses are customized to the learner’s role, providing the learner with the quizzes and assignments to enhance their understanding and knowledge. After the learner completes the course, they will remain enrolled to receive any updates, news, or webinars related to the course material. 

Throughout Transparent Campus, we follow the ADDIE's methodology in the process of creating a course. Thus, we

Analysed the market needs for linguists, in addition to the available courses. 

Designed the course using the ROPES model to ensure maximum benefit for our learners and help them to encode the needed skills into their long-term memory. Thus, they can make use of these skills even after a long period of training. 

Developed the course using a variety of illustrative methods, quizzes and assignments.

Implemented the course to be self-paced, to ensure that our learners are unrestricted from time and place limitations. 

Evaluated the course and its impact on the learners' skills before publishing, with the help of our professional linguists

Our Policy

  • Unlimited enrollment period: once the learner is enrolled in the course, they will receive any updates, webinars, or news related to the course. 

  • Unlimited quiz attempts: which allows the learner to learn from their mistakes and revisit the course again anytime they want. This option applies to some courses only. 

  • Human assessment: the assignments are graded by professional human assessors to ensure the learner gets feedback from the masters. 

  • If the learner fails the assignment, the course is reset.